Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our 10 Year Anniversary

This is us ten years ago.

Our Handsome Ring bearer

Our Beautiful Flower Girl

What I remember the most is Brad came to pick me up really early in the morning. He was so nervous that he accidentally hit the panic button instead of the unlock button on the car. The neighbors knew we were up and moving. Teeheehee! We had so many fun times that day. Brad is so funny and during the ceremony he kept looking at his watch. (He wanted to know the exact time we were married.) The sealer finally asked him if there was somewhere he needed to be. We could not stop laughing. Every year he asks me again at the exact time we were married. (8:47 a.m.) He is so cute! I am excited for this year. He has made some plans and won't share them with me. He just keeps saying it is going to be a surprise! I can't wait.

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  1. very nice! Happy Anniversary! You will have to share the details with us later on...have fun!