Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Dad

My Dad has been an anchor in my life. He has taught me so much and has been such an inspiration to me. About 5 years ago he started having some problems and after a whole bunch of tests, they are pretty sure that he has ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. This has been really hard to watch. My Dad had always been so strong and the one I could call for anything.

I am grateful for the time I have had with my Dad. I have had many opportunities to work with him and spend time with him. I followed in his footsteps by attending Snow College and loved it. We worked together in the summers at Fetzer's while I was growing up and then got to work for several years together at Dunford's. I loved having lunch with him and seeing him everyday.

He taught me to love music and pursue my talents. He has always been there to support me in all my performances. He helped me through my divorce when things were tough. I knew I could always call him. My Mom and my Dad are my best friends.

One of my favorite memories is when, my Dad would watch Home Alone. I would laugh harder at him laughing then at the movie. His whole body shakes when he laughs. His laugh is very contagious.

I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to my Father. I get to two days a week with him and help him do the things that he can't anymore. His attitude amazed me. I love him so much and am not looking forward to saying goodbye. I don't want him to suffer but I also don't want to let go either. At least I know that he will be welcomed back home by many others who love him as much as I do. I will be a very happy time for him.


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