Sunday, September 26, 2010

BUSY Summer!!

Brad turned the BIG "50" in June. It was pretty hard to surprise him with a party
but pulled it off. YEAH!! I must say he looks pretty good for being 50.
We are so glad to have him in our lives.

Brad's Best Friend Wilson.

Mom's work party was at the Bee's Game. We had a great BBQ and enjoyed some fun with everyone.

Samantha and Mom at the game. We were having too much fun.

Dad's work party was at a cabin down in Provo Canyon. It was a beautiful place, very peaceful. It had it's very own fishing hole. Dawson really enjoyed that part. We would love to live there.

The Big One!

Amazing Cabin. Swimming, fishing, awesome meal and good friends. Who could ask for more.

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  1. I'll try this again:) First of all, Brad's party was so dang fun!!
    You and Sam are gorgeous!! You both have the prettiest eyes ever!!
    I love the pics of Daws fishing. Life is good with people like you!! Love you! (I like exclamation point!)