Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally A Post

I can't believe it has been almost a whole year since I have posted anything. I finally have a day off. Yeah!!! Life has been a whirlwind lately. I have changed jobs and kids are growing up fast. My sister is finally getting her baby this Friday (She has been waiting for 5 years) and she will be a wonderful Mom since she helped to raise my children. My Dad was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS. Is is called PLS "Primary Lateral Sclerosis. It has been really hard to see him frustrated. Today is his 71st Birthday. I love him so much and he has been a hugh part of my life. I would not be were I am today with out him. I admire my Mom so much. She is the strongest women I know. She is still trying to work as a nurse in ICU three days a week for 12 hour days and then is taking care of my Dad which is a full-time job. I wish I was more like her. I know this has been hard on her but she never complains. I am grateful for my brothers and sister for all helping us take care of him. We take turns on the days my Mom works. It helps so much when everyone pitches in. Enough rambling and feeling sorry for myself. Everyone has trials to go through.

Dawson is preparing to get his drivers license this month. I am not sure how I feel about that. He is a good driver but I am not ready to let go yet. (teeheehee) He is in the 10th grade and doing pretty well. I am grateful for the choices he makes and what a great kid he is.

Samantha is my beautiful daughter. She is in the 8th grade and a great student. She has been on the Honor Roll the entire time she has been in middle school. She also makes awesome choices and is very strong in what she believes in. I love the example she is to me. I have been truly blessed to have both of my children.

I am so grateful to be serving the Young Women's program. I love the girls I teach and care so much for them. I also love being in the youth program with both my children.

I am also grateful for my Husband and all he does for me. He has put up with a lot of emotional and physical stress and tries to stay patient. He has picked up a lot of slack at home. I would be totally lost without him.

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  1. Yay!!! A post:) I agree with you on everything. You are a fabulous sister and I am so very grateful for YOU!!! Love you:D